Body Painting Film

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Piro, Kojo, Anifex, Emma Hack (artist on “Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know”) and Daz Burgess worked together to make a short film incorporating moving picture and body art. Music track is “Shining Plain” by Friends of Monkeys. Directed by Tim Piper and Produced by Daniel M Rosenberg in 2011, with Natalie Galazka. But only made possible by Kojo: Exec Producer Paula Smith and producer Leona Crichon. Art direction by Emma Hack and Daz Burgess. Post by Marty Pepper at Kojo. FX by Mark Holman-Harris. DP on the Alexa footage Ian MacCarroll. Thanks Richard Chataway, Mitch Davis, Matthew Kajcienski, Scott Brittingham and many more, not forgetting Piro’s favorite client who let us use the footage.

Stop motion body painting

Body Crash – Behind the Scenes

In a campaign that sets out to change drivers’ attitudes to low-level speeding by exposing the community problem that sits at the heart of it, we constructed a crash made up of people. The final image was made possible with the help of Adelaide body paint artist Emma Hack. The shoot took a total of 18 hours, using 17 men and women — each with up to five layers of paint applied to their bodies.

Face and Body Art International Convention Orlando 2009

The 2009 Face and Body Art International Convention was held in Orlando from May 20-24. Artists from all over the country came together to express their creativity on human canvases. Visit for photos from the FABAIC show.
• Video shot/edited by Ricky Brigante.

Behind-the-Scenes- Irina Shayk body painting shoot
While not having anything to do with dance films, this is a very nice body painting.

World Bodypainting Festival 2012 by FashionTV

PORTSCHACH – Bodypaint City is located in the town of Portschach in Carinthia, south central Austria. This 2012 competition is the world’s biggest and most important bodypainting event with world champions being selected in 5 categories. There also workshops, side events, exhibitions, and more. DJs and performers are on hand as the talent is showcased at this international event.

Body Paint “The Day of the Dead” Sugar Skull

ARTventure Art Fashion Studio
Natasha Kudashkina bodypainting inspirated by “The Day of the Dead” Sugar Skull
Model: Julie Böhm
Photographer: Dmitri Moisseev
Video: NK

Body painting Collaboration Lawren Alice & N. Kudashkina

Body Painting Collaboration with Lawren Alice + N.Kudashakina &
@ Gallery ML
Model: Karen Gregory-Model
Video NK

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