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Brecken Rivara Hoop Demo

Performance Hoop Dance: Crumblenaut

hoop dance isolation tutorial for the inside out whip with BABZ

a slow motion tutorial for a specific isolation move called the inside out whip. (at least thats what i decided to call it as of today for lack of a better term) cause its an inside isolation and and outside isolation and to borrow some Breckin terminology like a whip! wha piish!

2012 Hoopie Award Tutorial of the Year: Tantra and Body Rolls with Shakti Sunfire

This video is the winner of the 2012 Hoopie Award Tutorial of the Year! In it, Shakti Sunfire talks about spanda, the tantric principle of living the throbbing energy of life from the viewpoint of expansion and contraction and relates this pulsing reality to the hoop dance trick she calls, the body roll. This is a great tutorial and intro to the workshops that Shakti will be teaching at the 2012 Sacred Circularities Hoop Dance Retreat in Bali! Enjoy and please subscribe to this channel and check out the website http://www.sacredcircularities.com for details about our upcoming retreat in April 2012! Thanks so much for your support! jm

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