Headed by artist Matthew Joseph Peak, DANCE 4 FILM is a collaborative filmmaking network in which dance plays a central role. It serves as a music video platform for music that includes styles outside the fit the standard “rock, pop. country, jazz, etc” such as filmscore cues and hybrid styles.

To assemble and work with hi caliber artists with creative integrity and develop concepts and short films that could lead to feature films. To create films that have meaningful subtext. Reach beyond the confines of specific dance and filmmaking styles and techniques.

While some of the team needs to be “on location” much of the collaboration is expected to be achieved through independent groups and individuals producing their own portion of a film. This network collaboration gives the opportunity to work with a wide range of sources without the limitations of proximity and budget.

If you are interested in getting involved, here are some of the skills and roles that we are looking for:
Producer, Business Director, Legal, Financial backing / Fund Raising , Marketing, Social Networking, Event Promotion and Planning.

Dancers, Choreographers, Costume Design/Fabricators, Director Assistant, Musicians, Story/Script Writer, Actors/Models, Camera, Edit, VFX , and Animation.

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Examples, Samples and Related Info

The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers “LXD” created by Jon Chu