FILM vs STAGE, what’s the difference?

  • CAMERA LENS AUDIENCE: The controllable viewpoint of the camera lens is very different than the generalized and set viewpoint of the stage audience. With film you can select the angle, viewpoint and closeness as well as what is seen ( or not seen). This can be from the side, top floor compared to the singular “stage view” an audience sees at a live performance. Film also opens up many more options and concepts. Things that would never even be considered as choreographic options on stage are compleatly viable with film, such as facial, hands and feet moves seen up close.
  • ORDER and FLOW of CHOREOGRAPHY: In a live stage performance a piece has to be choreographed and danced in entirety from beginning to end. In film this is not so, in fact with film things are generally shot in sections and a great deal of the final choreography is actually created through the editing. This allows a lot of lattitude and room for experimentation and a whole bunch of creative fun!