KONN – Karolin Kent & Meher Awachri

Konn in a work in process collaboration between Tunisian artist Meher Awachri and Karolin Kent.

Here are some footage from previous research in Tunis December 2012- January 2013. Further development of the piece will take place in Tunis, March, and performances in April 2013

Meher Awachri

After a baccalaureate specialized in theatre, the vocation of Meher appeared naturally: he will become an actor.

In 2011, he leaves the Superior Institute of Dramatic Art of Tunis with his final studies project D-Sisyphe, which gave him an immediate success especially when the show got the 1st price in the Thespis, International Monodrama Festival in Keil, Germany.Play-writer, he writes his own plays and develop a sensibility to practice dance, which drives him to take one of the main parts of the international dance show La feuille d’olivier in 2006. His career began in 1997 with amateur theatre companies such as Al Zaytouna, Club de theatre universitaire and Club de theatre Mohammadia.

In 2001, he enters the professional field of acting, directing and writing for contemporary pieces such as Farès et le manipulateur – 2003, Les Diables 2006- Lettre à ma mère 2010- D-sisyphe 2012 etc.

website: http://karolinkent.com/creative_work/2013-2/konn/

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