Robert Rodriguez – 10 min Cooking School

I know this has nothing to do with dance, but it does relate to indie film making by the indie king himself.
10 minute cooking school Sin city breakfast tacos

Robert Rodriguez 10 Minute Cooking School: Volcano Cookies

Robert Rodriguez’s 3rd episode of his 10-Minute Cooking School series, which could be found on the Shorts DVD. He makes Chocolate Chip Volcano Cookies with his daughter Rhiannon. ©2009, Troublemaker Studios.
Robert Rodriguez – Ten Min Cooking School: Puerco Pibil

Starting with the Once Upon a Time in Mexico DVD, Robert Rodríguez began creating a series called, “Ten Minute Cooking School” where he revealed his recipe for “Puerco Pilbil” (based on Cochinita pibil, an old dish from Yucatán), the same food Johnny Depp’s character, “Agent Sands” ate in the film. The popularity of this series led to the inclusion of another “Cooking School” on the two-disc version of the “Sin City” DVD where Rodríguez teaches the viewer how to make “Sin City Breakfast Tacos,” a dish (made for his cast and crew during late-night shoots) utilizing his grandmother’s tortilla recipe and different egg mixes for the filling. He had initially planned to release a third “Cooking School” with the October 16 DVD release of “Planet Terror” but then announced on the “Film School” segment of the DVD that he would put it on the upcoming Grindhouse Theatrical DVD set instead. The Cooking School, titled “Texas Barbecue…from the GRAVE!,” is a dish based on the “secret barbecue recipe” of “JT Hague,” Jeff Fahey’s character in the film.[5]
Robert Rodriguez’s 10-Minute Cooking School: Texas BBQ

Episode 4 of Robert Rodriguez’s (SIN CITY, MARIACHI TRILOGY, GRINDHOUSE) Ten Minute Cooking School series.
On the menu this time…Texas BBQ
Troublemaker Studios, ©2008, 2010.
Robert Rodriguez’s Machete Tacos Truck at ComiCon

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