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Robert Rodriguez’s last “Ten Minute Film School” video – Big Movies Made Cheap – it’s my rip, first in the net, have fun…

Planet Terror – 10 Minute Film School

Ten More Minutes: The Anatomy of a Shoot Out

This is an episode of a long series of 10 minute film school segments that Robert Rodriguez does for all of his films. These tutorials are on advanced digital film-making and go into detail on how to write, produce and direct your own indie film. This is very interesting if you are a DIY type of person or just a movie buff.

FULL SPEECH – Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez talks about his upcoming new cable channel “El Rey”

College of Communication and Department of Radio-Television-Film alumnus Robert Rodriguez visited the University of Texas at Austin campus on May 2, 2012 to host a conversation with students and inspire what he called, “the next generation of innovators.”

Charles Ramirez-Berg, a university distinguished teaching professor in the RTF program, arranged the event in conjunction with the Center for Mexican-American Studies under the title, “The Future of Latino Images in Film and Media.”

Rodriguez, founder of Austin-based Troublemaker Studios, said that many of his innovations ushered original trends into the Hollywood mainstream. These included the push and acceptance of independent films in the 1990s, the rise and explosion of digital film around the new millennium, and the profitable return of the 3-D genre in the 2000s.

A large portion of Rodriguez’s lecture centered on the filmmaker’s new cable channel “El Rey,” slated to premiere in 2013 on Comcast, the nation’s largest cable provider. When it airs, shows will be spoken in English but tailored to Latino audiences.

Rodriguez also said he wants the programming to be so good that the network attracts all audiences, and that “El Rey” is currently accepting pitches.

UT’s RTF program was named in the top 25 film schools in the entire world by The Hollywood Reporter in August 2012.

To view a short trailer of this presentation, visit….

The Art of making the Movie

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